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Phone: +41 44 63 55208
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Raphael Neukom

Academic associate

University of Zurich


I studied environmental sciences and specialized on paleoclimatology of the Common Era during my PhD and various Postdocs. I worked on reconstructions of past climate using proxy records (tree-ring, ice-core, sediment, coral, documentary and other data). Starting in South America, I contributed to such reconstructions for several locations and continents and also on global scales. Based on these effort, I also worked on data – model comparisons, detection & attribution, past-to-future studies and climate change adaptation projects. At the Universities of Zürich and Fribourg I currently work in a project assessing the potential impacts of compound extreme events and their cascading impacts on natural and human systems in Switzerland.

Research interests

  • Extreme events: impacts and adaptation
  • Paleoclimate of the Common Era
  • Data-model comparison
  • Historical climatology