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Jan Baiker

Affiliated researcher

University of Zurich


I am an environmental scientist (MSc ETH Zurich) with postgraduate studies in Development and Cooperation (nadel, ETH Zurich) and the principles of teaching biology (Didaktischer Ausweis, ETH Zurich).
I am based in Cusco (Peru), where I am working on tropical high-mountain wetland ecosystems (bofedales), in the frame of my own research projects and consultancy mandates for governmental and non-governmental institutions. With ACEMAA (Asociación para la Conservación y Estudio de Montañas Andinas-Amazónicas, – a small NGO I am managing together with my wife – we are trying to strengthen the resilience of high-Andean communities towards the negative impacts of global change, using a bottom-up, science-based and participative, community approach, with a special focus on sustainable land & natural resources management and Ecosystem-based Adaptation. I am also part of iMHEA (Regional Initiative of Hydrological Monitoring of Andean ecosystems).

Research interests

  • High-Andean wetland ecosystems (bofedales)
  • Ecohydrology
  • Water sowing and harvesting techniques (“siembra & cosecha de agua”)
  • Ecosystem-based Adaptation
  • Natural infrastructure (for water security)
  • Ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem functioning
  • Socio-ecological systems
  • Biodiversity
  • Community-based Adaptation
  • Loss & Damage