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Phone: +41 44 63 55188
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Isabel Hagen

PhD student

University of Zurich


I am currently a PhD candidate at the Geography department, University of Zurich. My research is focused on adaptation to cryosphere changes in mountain systems. I am a contributing author in the upcoming IPCC 6th Assessment Report Working Group II; Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerabilities, chapter “Central and South America”. I hold degrees from Lund University and University of British Columbia (BSc in physical geography and ecosystem science) and University of Cambridge (MSc in polar research). My Master’s thesis focused on dynamic ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet in relation to climate change. I have a great passion for connecting science and climate policy, and alongside my studies I have been engaged in international climate politics at the NGO level, and had an observer role during COP22 and COP23.

Research interests

  • Cryosphere responses to climate change
  • Hazards, risks and impacts in mountain areas
  • Vulnerability, resilience, adaptation and loss & damage
  • Interdisciplinary research on socio-environmental systems
  • Indigenous knowledge, indigenous rights and indigenous leadership
  • Intersectionality in the context of climate change (gender, race, class, disability, religion etc.)