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Contact Information

Christian Huggel

Head of EClim

University of Zurich


My research focus on climate impacts, risks and adaptation to climate change implies working at the intersection of several scientific disciplines. This is also reflected in my biography, for instance with a publication record in more than 30 different peer-reviewed journals; or by chairing a number of international scientific joint commissions of different science associations (IACS, IPA, IAVCEI), such as the one on glacier and permafrost hazards in mountains (GAPHAZ) and on ice-volcano interactions. Currently I’m a member of scientific advisory boards or committees such as for the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), or the Swiss Federal Environmental Research (OFU), or UZH Center of Competence Center for Sustainable Finance. I’ve been also working for many years at the intersection of science and international climate policy, including currently as a lead author for the IPCC 6th Assessment Report (AR6) and previously for AR5 (2010-2014).

Research interests

  • Climate change impacts, particularly in mountain regions
  • Hazard, risks and adaptation
  • Interdisciplinary research on socio-environmental systems
  • Geographic focus: Andes, Alps, and Himalayas