Contact information


Boris Orlowsky

Affiliated researcher

University of Zurich


Making climate science understandable and actionable for practice, in particular within international cooperation, has been my main driver for many years. In 2017 I have left academia to join Caritas Switzerland, an international NGO with a presence in some 20 countries of the global South. Serving as a Senior Advisor on Climate Change Adaptation I have supported various Caritas Switzerland projects in Central Asia, Latin America and Africa, ranging from food security to water management to Disaster Risk Reduction. Since December 2019 I head the country programme of Caritas Switzerland in Tajikistan.

Research interests

  • Integrating future climate projections into design and management of development projects
  • Making development projects evidence-based
  • Integrating low-cost non-scientific measurements and observations into management and operations of development projects
  • Monitoring and evaluation under conditions of development projects
  • Institutions and people