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Alessandro Cicoira

Postdoctoral fellowship

Alessandro’s research focuses on fluid dynamics and natural hazard management.

He graduated in Engineering at the University of Trento, Italy, with a specialization about snow avalanches. During his PhD at the Glaciology and Geomorphology Group at the University of Zurich, he investigated the dynamics of rock glaciers and its coupling to the climate. In his academic career, he has investigated several landforms (glaciers, debris-covered glaciers, rock walls, landslides) in the Alps and in the Arctic by means of in-situ investigations and numerical modelling with the goal of advancing our understanding of multi-phase mass flows and process cascades. During his current work as a scientist within the GLOFCA Project, he is confronted with hazard and risk assessment and the design of integrated Early Warning Systems.

Research interests:

  • Alpine mass movements and process cascades
  • Permafrost creep and rock glacier dynamics
  • Landslide monitoring and early warning systems
  • Disaster risk reduction