Seed-money projects

A pilot approach for locally validated permafrost distribution modelling and initiation of long-term monitoring: Langtang region, Nepal

Recognising that permafrost thawing could strongly affect regional livelihoods, infrastructure and economies across the Himalaya, our study seeks to derive a first validated estimate of permafrost distribution in a pilot region, with a view towards large-scale upscaling. This work will provide a basis for establishing a long-term permafrost monitoring site, and will ensure local scientific capacities are strengthened.

Climate change, permafrost, impacts, capacity building, Himalaya
  • ETH Global
  • SERI, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

Cryospheric variations in the central Andes: an integrative geomorphological approach (CryoAndes)

Ice bodies such as glaciers and rock glaciers (permafrost) provide a substantial part of the fresh-water resources in the central Andes. However, the evolution of these ice bodies since the last deglaciation is fairly unknown. This project applies an integrative geomorphological approach to study these cryospheric landforms and their evolution, using seminal surface exposure dating technique.

Glaciers, moraines, water resources, geomorphology, mapping, surface exposure dating, central Andes, Chile, Holocene
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