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Journal Articles


Muccione, V; Salzmann, N; Huggel, C

Scientific Knowledge and Knowledge Needs in Climate Adaptation Policy Journal Article

Mountain Research and Development, 36 (3), 2016, ISSN: 02764741.

Abstract | Links | Tags: adaptation policy, climate change, climate change impact, policy-relevant knowledge, vulnerability



Muccione, V; Daley, B

The role of ecosystem-based adaptation in the Swiss mountains Book

2016, ISBN: 9783319407739.

Abstract | Links | Tags: climate change, Disaster risk reduction, Ecosystem-based adaptation, Swiss mountains

Technical Reports


Allen Simon; Frey, Holger; Mal Suraj

Synthesis report on GLOF hazard and risk across the Indian Himalayan Region Technical Report

University of Zurich, Switzerland 2020.

Links | Tags: climate change