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Stäubli, Anina; Nussbaumer, Samuel U; Allen, Simon K; Huggel, Christian; Arguello, María; Costa, Felipe; Hergarten, Christian; Martínez, Rodney; Soto, Jaime; Vargas, Ruben; Zambrano, Eduardo; Zimmermann, Markus

Analysis of Weather- and Climate-Related Disasters in Mountain Regions Using Different Disaster Databases Incollection

Singh, R B; Mal, S; Meadows, M E (Ed.): Climate Change, Extreme Events and Disaster Risk Reduction, pp. 17–41, Springer, Cham, 2018.

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'i, Javier Fluixá-Sanmart; 'i, Javier Garc; Huggel, Christian; Frey, Holger; Rapre, Alejo Cochachin; Alfaro, César Alfredo Gonzales; Román, Luis Meza; 'i, Paul Andree Mas

Highlights and Lessons from the Implementation of an Early Warning System for Glacier Lake Outburst Floods in Carhuaz, Peru Incollection

Hostettler, S; Besson, Najih S; Bolay, J-C (Ed.): Technologies for Development -- From Innovation to Social Impact, pp. 187–200, Springer, Cham, 2018.

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Frey, Holger

Glacier Lake Outburst Floods Incollection

Richardson, Douglas; Castree, Noel; Goodchild, Michael F; Kobayashi, Audrey; Liu, Weidong; Marston, Richard A (Ed.): The International Encyclopedia of Geography, pp. 1–5, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Oxford, UK, 2017.

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Orlowsky, Boris; Andres, Norina; Salzmann, Nadine; Huggel, Christian; Jurt, Christine; ñ, Luis Vicu; Rohrer, Mario; Calanca, Pierluigi; Neukom, Raphael; Drenkhan, Fabian

Science in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies from the Peruvian Andes Incollection

Salzmann, Nadine; Huggel, Christian; Nussbaumer, Samuel U; Ziervogel, Gina (Ed.): Climate Change Adaptation Strategies - An Upstream-downstream Perspective, pp. 41–58, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, Cham, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-319-40771-5.

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Allen, S K; Linsbauer, A; Huggel, C; Randhawa, S S; Schaub, Y; Stoffel, M

Current and future glacial lake outburst flood hazard: application of GIS based modeling in Himachal Pradesh, India Incollection

Singh, R B; Schickhoff, U; Mal, S (Ed.): Climate Change, Glacier Response, and Vegetation Dynamics in the Himalaya. Contributions Toward Future Earth Initiatives, pp. 181–203, Springer Publishing, Japan, 2016.




Frey, H; 'i, Garc J; Huggel, C; Schneider, D; Rohrer, M; Alfaro, Gonzales C; ~n, Mu R; Rios, Price K; Román, Meza L; Rapre, Cochachin A; 'i, Mas P

An Early Warning System for lake outburst floods of the Laguna 513, Cordillera Blanca, Peru Inproceedings

Proceedings of the International Conference on the Analysis and Management of Changing Risks for Natural Hazards. 18 -- 19 November 2014, Padua, Italy, pp. 1–10, 2014.


Technical Reports


Allen Simon; Frey, Holger; Mal Suraj

Synthesis report on GLOF hazard and risk across the Indian Himalayan Region Technical Report

University of Zurich, Switzerland 2020.

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Allen, Simon; Gonzales Iwanciw, Javier ; Rodriguez, Lina; Stoffel, Markus; Grünwaldt, Alfred; Brusa, Federico; Bocco, Maria Julia; Bocco, Maria Julia P

Building Transformative Institutional Capacity: Assessing the potential contribution of PPCR to build a climate resilient water governance framework in the Plurinational State of Bolivia Technical Report

World Bank Washington, D.C., 2020.

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Guardamino, Lucía; Haeberli, Wilfried; ñ, Randy Mu; Drenkhan, Fabian; Tacsi, Arnaldo; Cochachin, Alejo

Proyección de Lagunas Futuras en las Cordilleras Glaciares del Perú Technical Report

ANA Lima, Peru, 2019.

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