Data-driven decisions for water management

A collaborative environment to embrace deep uncertainties in decision making on climate risks



Climate change impacts will become more pronounced in the next decades.
Decision on climate risks is riddled with deep uncertainties. We plan to
co-design and deploy a decision support system which assist decision
makers, businesses and city planners to deal with deeply uncertain
problems for smart and robust adaptation planning and implementation.

Within DSS_Embrace two case studies are used to show how robus
decision-making tools like Explroratory Modeling and Analysis (EMA) as
well as Dynamic Adaptation Pathways (DAP) can strongly contribute to
identify robust adaptation measures. This approach changes the paradigm
from looking for the optimal solution to face a few climate scenarios,
to robust solutions that perform well under most of potential climate

The case study in the Swiss Alps shows how adpatation measures can
support decision-making in ski resorts to cope with changing snow days.
The case study in Brisbane, Australia, shows how decision-making tools
can support the selection of robust measures for flood risk reduction.

climate risks, decision-making, uncertainties, exploratory modeling, adaptation pathways
2021 – 2024
  • SwissRe, Switzerland
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia
Digitization Initiative of the Zurich Universities (DIHZ)