New Postdoctoral researcher at EClim

New Postdoctoral researcher at EClim

Ashim Sattar has been awarded with the prestigious Swiss Government Excellence award 2020-21 to pursue his postdoctoral research at University of Zurich.

Ashim obtained his Ph.D. jointly from IIT Roorkee and Divecha Center for Climate Change (IISc Bangalore) in 2019. His current research deals with several aspects of climate impacts on glaciers, risks, and adaptation to climate change, mainly in high-mountain regions of the globe. He is involved in advanced hydrological and hydrodynamic modeling of steady and unsteady flows, basin hydrology, and flood management. He has active interests in understanding climate-change driven changes and their effect on the environment and implications on the socio-environmental systems. He is also actively involved in multi-disciplinary research around the globe including the Himalayas, the Andes, Iceland, and Central Asia, both at a local scale and in regional-scale assessments.

Currently his research focuses on studying the dynamics of glaciers and understanding processes in high mountain Asia by integrating in-situ measurements, remote sensing, GIS, and numerical modeling on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Ashim is involved in modeling different forms of potential mass movement (landslides, avalanches, and rockfall) that occur in the mountainous terrain. He is also working on glacier lake hazards like identification of hazardous lakes based on remote sensing based multi-criteria analysis, 1-D and 2-D moraine failure modeling and flood routing assessment to analyze the complex flow hydraulic of potential extreme flow events in the Himalaya.

Welcome Ashim!

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