Online Conference on Tropical Glaciers and Water Resource Management under the current global challenges

Online Conference on Tropical Glaciers and Water Resource Management under the current global challenges

We are excited to announce that together with our long-standing partners CARE Perú and COSUDE (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) we are organizing an international learning event on tropical glaciers and water resource management — “Opportunities, risks and challenges of tropical glacial retreat and the integrated management of water resources for economic recovery in the new global context”. The online conference (to be held in Spanish but with simultaneous translation to English) will take place this Friday, 16 October 2020,  at 16.00 h CEST.

The provision of water in Peru depends on the conservation of high mountain ecosystems that are responsible for the regulation,storage, and provision of water for consumption and irrigation by the entire country. However,the conditions of climate variability and rising temperatures associated with climate change and unsustainable human activities degrade these ecosystems and thus affect the provision of water and consequently the livelihoods and economy of the country.
Glaciers are perhaps the high mountain ecosystems that are suffering the most, due to their dramatic reduction in extension and volume throughout the continent. In Peru, the second National Glacier inventory showed a 42.64% decrease in glacier area from a total of 2041.85 km2, documented in the first inventory in 1970 (Plan Nacional de Recursos Hídricos. ANA, 2012).
This new context requires addressing the management of water resources, disaster risk reduction and strengthening adaptation to climate change as an integral and integrated process in territorial management, even more so at this time when water resources are essential to support economic activities,family agriculture, nutrition and health demands in the COVID-19 pandemic. From CARE Peru’s 50 years of continuous work, we opened this space in order to build alliances and identify opportunities, risks and challenges in the face of glacial retreat and water resources management during the process of economic recovery for Peru.

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For more information, please contact Randy Muñoz or Fabian Drenkhan.

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