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Integrated Water Resources Modeling: Future Risks and Adaptation Strategies - a case study in the Andes of Peru

The project addresses several key scientific gaps related to the analysis of current and future water risks in data-scarce mountain regions. The research focuses on the highly glaciated Santa and Vilcanota river basins in Peru, extending from the Andes to dry coastal downstream areas where water risks are of highest relevance.

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Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction related to deglaciation in the Andes of Peru

High-mountain environments with snow and ice are particularly sensitive to climatic change. Rapid glacier retreat with formation of new lakes, degradation of permafrost with large destabilized mountain slopes and critical changes in hydrological regimes and water supply are key challenges for local high-mountain communities and adjacent lowland regions.

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Promoting Sustainable Mountain Development for Global Change

Mountain regions are key contexts for sustainable global development because (1) mountains provide critical and indispensable goods and services to a significant proportion of humankind; and (2) mountains are among the most disadvantaged regions in a global perspective: they are among the regions with the highest poverty rates, and among those most vulnerable to global (climate) change and related risks.

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